Ballet Pianist, Anyone - Again?

In Jan 2007, I wrote a post looking for ballet pianist.

One year on, the situation remains the same.

There are some positive responses since that post. I have had one pianist who had taken up and played for a few classes, before she decided to return to Hong Kong for good to pursue further studies. There are several enquiries, one of which came to the ballet classes to watch how the sessions are conducted.

No matter how hard I convince them that they will be given ample time to practice the pieces, the response has been, in one word, bad.

Doesn't anyone play piano in Singapore? Or should I rephrase: won't anyone who takes piano lessons willing to play scores other than the exam syllabus?

Not to brag, but it took me about 30 cumulative hours to practice the new RAD music syllabus and play decently for class and for exams. That's about 120 individual pieces, short (16 bars) and long (64 bars). My sight-reading is not good at all, and I cannot play a song without playing it through at least twice. I bluff in sight-reading, and in music accompaniment, bluffing is better than not playing in time or worse, not at all.

Imagine if you are a sight-reading talent, you would have no problems learning the scores and earn some cash.

Even if you are not, you will be given ample time to learn the scores. If you need one year to learn, fine. See you in 2009. At least I know you can start in 2009. If the person who responded in 2007 had started practicing then, he/she could have started playing for classes NOW.

Am I looking at the wrong places? I'm sure there is some local community or forums full of pianists desperately looking for pianist jobs, and they would be lamenting why it's so hard to find pianists job in Singapore. Haha.

Please, just refer this post to anyone you know who plays the piano. Perhaps it will lead to somewhere.

By the way, it's a skill and experience that can take you a long way. I know, because I have played for 14 years.

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