Ballet Pianist, Anyone?

It's hard to find a decent pianist that is willing to play for ballet classes. So far I have persuaded 3 persons to attend a session to see how ballet accompanists work. Only one took up the post, but he left 3 months later citing unable to commit. The other 2 took the scores to zap and practice, and a fortnight later rescinded the offer. I'm still trying to convince one friend who has completed Grade 8 to try it out. Her excuse: "I'm not good enough".

What does a ballet pianist do? He/she plays the piano - scores provided - and the students dance. And you do that for several hours, as long as you can take it. Typically, I play for 11 hours on weekends. To some, it's a torture, but to me, it's therapeutic. I get to work out my fingers, compose new songs during freework classes, and get paid. You don't play non-stop, mind you. It's like taking piano lessons or lessons of any kind. Does the teacher ask you to play non-stop? Of course not. You play for 50 seconds for an exercise, the teacher talks for 2 minutes, then either repeat the exercise again, or go to the next exercise.

Youths nowadays can sit in front of the computer for hours, one can also sit in front of the piano and play. To think of it, there is so much in common between a PC-user and a piano-player.

Since I am already playing for ballet classes, why is there a need for more pianists? Simple: I got a full-time job, Mondays to Fridays. You can't expect me to play on Saturdays and Sundays too? The classes stretches over 11 hours, longer during exam periods. I need a life. I need a rest, not from playing piano, but from work. So for the other days without me playing, the teacher uses the recorded CD for accompaniment, and she hates it.

And the school doesn't only need one pianist. I doubt anyone can play 11-hour like me, so the school would need a few pianists to rotate or play in shifts. Of course, if you need the money and willing to sacrifice your weekends and free time to play for more classes, this job pays relatively well. Music? It's not THAT difficult. You will be given time to practice, until you are ready to play. Even if it takes one year to practice, at least I know you will be ready to play 12 months from now.

Interested? Drop me a mail or comment.

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