The Joy of Creating On-Demand Photobook Prints

Creating photobooks has been an important yet meaningful ritual for me. One, a chance to revisit the moments for the past months. Two, to create a physical momento to be enjoyed with friends and relatives, where the touch of a real book out-experiences on-screen browsing. Lastly, a tangible possession of a visual artwork that would be entirely meaningless if it exists solely in a formless digital media.

I have used Photobook Worldwide since 2007. It is my trusted partner for my photobook projects, from weddings to commissioned portraitures to personal collections. Over the years, they have expanded their on-demand product lines, from photobooks to, at the present, notebooks, posters, calendars, greeting cards, canvas, even the traditional 4R prints. After 7 years, the prints on my books still look fresh and brilliant.

Yesterday, I received my daughter's 8th personal photobook - one for her first month and 7 for each subsequent year.

It totally delights me to see my daughter appreciating the photobooks of her growing years. She would gleefully flip through the pages and would comment on the photos on each page. I hope that through the painstakingly curated collection, she can become more self-aware of her own being and hopefully to evolve into a fine lady.

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