Piano Spa 7: New Album by Chester Tan and Bevlyn Khoo

After 3 years since Piano Spa 6, I have finally released a brand new 30-track piano album.

For the longest time, James Kang from Warner Music Singapore has been urging me to continue producing the Piano Spa series. Finally, in late Dec 2013, I said yes, but not before I found a collaborator.

While working on the last Piano Spa album in 2011, I met Bevlyn and developed a mutual appreciation for each other's talents. So, while planning Piano Spa 7, I asked her if she would be keen to write piano music.

Photo: Chester Tan

Bevlyn is an experienced songwriter who understands the musical style that I was looking for in Piano Spa 7. Her compositions are melodious, catchy, and it has been a great delight producing her songs.

This album has a few special elements that I would like to mention.

Track Listing

Instead of splitting the tracks based on artists which I did for previous albums, I mixed both artists tracks across all 3 CDs. Rather than random or patterned assignment, I allocated the tracks according to the alphabets of her name. This means B is for track 2, E is for track 5, V is for track 22, and so on. Since there are 2 Os, I assigned the last track of the album, track 30, to her.

For James

A long time friend, Joyce, spoke fondly of her dad, James, who was a great fan of my music. He passed away in 2012. I dedicate the song, Leaving James, in memory of him, for his loving family.

Melody and Brad

When I heard of the successful proposal by Brad to good friend Melody in Venice on March 2014, I was inspired to write the song, Our Promise to Love, based on the famous Italian opera aria "Nessun Dorma", the most romantic and passionate classical song of all time.

Melody is the subject of my numerous portraiture works a few years back, and I am heartened to watch her grow out of her teens into maturity and grace, and now a successful influencer of beauty and lifestyle.

Album Out Now

I have been composing for the Piano Spa series since 2005, producing over 100 tracks in 5 albums. I enjoy writing piano music because I find solace in writing them. Every song describes a part of my life, and each Piano Spa album is my music diary. Piano Spa 7, available in iTunes and in stores (Popular, That CD Shop, HMV).  

Piano Spa 7 Track Listing

  1. Moonlight Waves 
  2. After the Rain 
  3. Don’t Say Goodbye 
  4. Gentle Giant 
  5. Alone Again 
  6. The Lost Memory 
  7. Devotion of the Heart 
  8. The Piccadilly Waltz 
  9. On The Seventh 
  10. The Final Dedication    
  1. After All 
  2. Dusty Road to Beijing 
  3. I Hear Your Heart 
  4. August 
  5. Ripples of Life 
  6. Lost in My Sorrow 
  7. Our Sunken Prayers 
  8. Sweet Bed 
  9. Living a Lie 
  10. Breathing 
  1. Winter Sun 
  2. From Now On 
  3. Chiffon Stars 
  4. By The Esplanade 
  5. Hush Hush Birdland 
  6. Our Promise To Love 
  7. Leaving James 
  8. The Hesitant Road 
  9. Together Apart 
  10. Wonder World    
All tracks composed, arranged and performed by Chester Tan except the following: CD1 tracks 2, 5, 8, CD2 tracks 1, 2, 4, 5, CD3 tracks 2, 5, 10 composed by Bevlyn Khoo, piano arranged and performed by Bevlyn Khoo, additional arrangements by Chester Tan.  iTunes digital album is available in the following countries: Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, Cambodia, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Korea, Laos, Macau, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam.
Bevlyn Khoo, Chester Tan. Photo: Philip Sim
For a limited time, you can buy the autographed album directly from me at S$20, includes registered delivery.
(Currently limited to Singapore address)
Visit the official website http://www.piano-spa.com/ for a complete listing of previous Piano Spa albums.

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