Jabra Sport Wireless+ Bluetooth Earphones

If you are an active sports person who needs music for your workout, then you should be looking at the Jabra Sport Wireless+. Retailing at S$148, this Bluetooth headset connects to your device to play your favourite music. In the absence of your music device, you can also listen to radio on the headset.

Key Features and Specifications:

Review and Thoughts
Forget about wired earphones, the Jabra Sport Wireless+ eliminates all the horrific cable rub as you do your sports. Without wires that gets in the way, you can safely place your music device on a nearby bench as you do your gym workout. There are 7 different ear-gels to give you the perfect snug fit.

Sound-wise, it depends on whether you can get the right ear-gels to seal the sound. If you wear the default basic earbuds, the sound quality is flat and lacks bass. If you get the in-ear gels that fit into your ear canals, then you will get a firmer bass. Initially, you might get frustrated finding the right ear-gels, but once it is done, you will be able to achieve audio enjoyment.

The control buttons may be small and a little stiff to press, but I assume you would be too busy working out rather than trying to change tracks now and then. After familiarising the button positions, I find myself reaching for the buttons without mistakes.

End of the day, the Jabra Sport Wireless+ is not meant to deliver audiophile sound with great dynamic range. Its more important function is to allow active people to enjoy their favourite tunes comfortably while doing their workout.

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