ASUS Router Review: RT-AC56U

Recently, I noticed that my D-Link router is not performing optimally. Coverage seems poorer at my apartment and the connection speed is not as speedy. When ASUS launched the new router, RT-AC56U, I decided to request for a review unit to try it out.


What I Like:

What Did Not Meet My Expectation:

Would I Buy It?

I would buy the ASUS RT-AC56U because I can get NAS feature and it delivers high speed when your wireless device has a direct line-of-sight. With the list of tangible features, it is reasonably priced at S$279 (RRP). However, I would not count on it to magically boost my home network coverage. So consumers looking for a router to ensure increase coverage should look elsewhere for a fail-proof solution, for instance, getting wireless extender.

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