Samsung Galaxy S4 vs. S3: The Screen Comparison

I've decided to review the Galaxy S4 with a micro-blogging approach. I shall cover a specific subject and brief about it. But eventually, I'll produce a singular review about everything I learn about the S4.

First, the screen. In the S4, I have selected the "Professional Photo" screen mode. In the S3, I use the "Natural" screen mode. They are the modes that had to be used to avoid the over-saturation of display colour.

The S4 colours look warmer and more accurate than S3 with its infamous cold-blue cast. Both screens offer identical wide viewing angle.

Its higher pixels per inch (ppi) means the images look sharper, less artifacts.

As the display aspect ratio is identical, the amount of content displayed on the S4 and S3 are also the same, as compared to HTC One where the display aspect ratio is longer/wider.

Without a doubt, the S4 surpasses the S3's screen, delivering more accurate colour without appearing too saturated.

Galaxy upgraders can rest assured.

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