Jabra Music Headphones Review: REVO Wireless and VOX

The Jabra REVO corded, REVO Wireless and VOX are Jabra's latest music line of stereo headphones. To differentiate from the competitors, Jabra’s new headphones are built to withstand physical abuse in unique designs and interactive features.

Jabra REVO - shared key features and specifications:

Jabra REVO corded has similar specs as above, with one very useful feature: dual 3.5mm jack connectors so that you can share your music with friends by connecting their headphones to the second 3.5mm jack on the REVO corded. The detachable cable also has volume buttons and answering button to let you manage phone conversations.

Jabra REVO Wireless - additional specs:

Jabra VOX key features and specifications:

Massive Sound
The common characteristics among the new headphones is its massive sound, defined by strong yet warm bass power. My favourite among the headphones is the VOX because its slightly better mid-tone and treble production meet my listening demands. I also like how the VOX is shaped to fit your ears without protruding out. The cables are rather stiff

The REVO delivers heavier bass performance, and while it loses some treble balancing, you get to push up the volume to bring out the treble without sounding scratchy. The earpads are soft and I don't feel tired wearing it. I do feel the headband extension might be a little short: it fits my ears only after extending to the max.

Overall sound quality is warm and easy to the ears. The headphones play well on tracks that are biased towards high frequencies. Warm audiophile vocal tracks sound muffled, unable to sparkle and compete with the reverberating bass.

Dolby Processing
I am not a fan of sound-tweaking apps. These 3 headphones come with download codes to let you activate the Jabra Sound app (available for iOS and Android). This app turns on Dolby Digital Plus Processing and Mobile Surround sounds. If you find your tracks lack bass and spaciousness, then enabling these effects will boost the sounds.

You can listen with REVO Wireless unit either via Bluetooth, 3.5mm audio cable, or USB cable - awesome flexibility. The REVO Wireless remembers up to 8 paired devices and connects to 2 at the same time. I'm impressed at how the REVO Wireless quickly switches between the 2 active devices: when it detects audio streaming from one device, it will switch from the other device seamlessly. The built-in voice prompts provide connectivity status as well as battery status. Under Wireless mode, you can stylishly control your playback by touching the right ear. Slide your fingers in a circular motion either way to adjust volume, tap the front or back to change tracks, and click the middle to play-pause tracks.

Most important, I enjoy the freedom of listening to tunes without wires. Bluetooth audio technology has improved over the years. and while the wired version is always a better choice for the sharp ears, the REVO Wireless actually does not produce any audible distortion that affects the listening experience.

Tough and strong headband!

It's Enjoyable
Personally, I really enjoy listening my music with these new headphones. They are comfortable, durable, good for loud volume listening and keeps you immersed within the big sounds. I recommend the Jabra VOX for its great price value and better-balanced sound quality across the frequencies.

The Jabra REVO Wireless (RRP S$398), Jabra REVO corded (RRP S$248) and Jabra VOX (RRP S$148) will be available at Stereo Electronics, Apple premium resellers - Epicentre, Nubox - selected Challenger stores and other authorised Jabra premium resellers.

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