Ranger Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard

After so many years of using a smartphone with touch keyboard, I am still not good at speed typing. Nothing beats a real physical full-size keyboard. Which is why I recently bought a cheap Ranger bluetooth keyboard just for kicks, street price about S$48.

Pairing is easy: just push the pairing button behind the keyboard. There is no on/off switch: the keyboard is intelligent to detect pairing and then it comes alive. Once pairing is disconnected, the keyboard goes into standby mode. I'm not sure whether the standby mode will drain battery, but it runs on 2 AAA batteries.

I find the keys a little sticky and the mechanism not smooth, especially when you do not hit the keys right in the middle. Yes it's not perfect, but still I can type a lot faster than on the smartphone.

Yes, this full-size keyboard is not portable, but neither am I intending to use it on the go. The keyboard is permanently placed on my office desk and it allows me to comfortably reply phone text messages, and from far it certainly looks like I am working instead of phone-texting.

Depends on the device you pair, some of the keys would not work. The good news is that it has dedicated keys for all devices - iOS, Mac, Windows, Android.

The only reason why I bought this model is that it's cheap. For those who really need a better quality keyboard, I recommend Logitech Wireless Tablet Keyboard at about S$90 street price.

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