Piano Spa 6: by Chester Tan and Tat Tong

It all started with a casual conversation with Tat Tong, a chart-topping music producer from T2 Productions. I told him about my past Piano Spa albums and he got inspired to produce instrumental albums. After discussing with Warner Music Singapore, Tat asked me if I would like to produce another new Piano Spa album. After giving some thought, I agreed.

The album was completed by end November, and after a few days of sorting out the licensing details, the contract was signed. And before I knew it, the album is out in stores. I first spotted it at HMV Marina Square on 27 December and excitedly informed Tat. 2 days later, Warner officially announced it on their Facebook page.

Piano Spa 6 (PS6) is Tat's first commercial instrumental album. His versatile composition styles offer the listener with an enchanting, whimsical, and moving experience. Through PS6, we get a flavour of Tat's musical calibre which reflects his vast experience in music-making.

For me, PS6 is my 5th release. After writing entirely for PS1 to 3, I collaborated with Fred Lin for PS4 and then Fred did the entire album for PS5. That was 2008. After that, Warner Music refreshed the Piano Spa series by releasing several compilation collections.

I am grateful to Warner Music for their continual support in the Piano Spa album series. I'm also privileged to produce this brand new album with an experienced musician who has produced a growing list of #1 songs in the Asian market, and whose portfolio includes music veterans like Kit Chan, Joi Chua, Karen Mok, Sally Yeh, Show Luo, plus rising stars like Christian Bautista, Jonathan Wong, Tay Kewei, Derrick Hoh.

Piano Spa 6 is now available at all good music stores. Visit our facebook page to listen to music samples.

Track listing:

1 - Awaken Dreams
2 - Daisies and the Sun
3 - Spring Bloom
4 - Last Summer
5 - Motions
6 - Old Time
7 - Our Wedding Moment (with Pachelbel's Canon)
8 - Returning to Love
9 - The Final Ember
10 - Impressions of a Broken Road
11 - There is Nothing Else to Love
12 - Twilight Passion
13 - Wishing Him Well
14 - We're at the End of Our Days


1 - Forest Dreams
2 - In The Air
3 - Fireflies
4 - Sunday Morning
5 - Walk
6 - March
7 - Enchanted
8 - Remembrance
9 - Reverie d'Amour
10 - Gnome Dance
11 - Coming Home
12 - Entering The Eternal
13 - Day's End
14 - Love of my Life

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