Internet Tethering via Bluetooth on iPhone 3GS running iOS 4.3

Old iPhone 3GS running on iOS 4.3 and newer are given a new lease of life with the "personal hotspot" function. It only supports Bluetooth and USB tethering, where the former is a lesser-implemented tethering method that not many devices support.

With my recent acquisition of the ASUS Transformer, which actually supports Internet tethering via Bluetooth, it gives me one less reason to sell away my spare iPhone 3GS phone. In fact, I think it's a better idea to do Internet tethering instead of buying a 3G-enabled tablet. This is because I can still use my iPhone on its own if I so wish without having to remove the SIM card. Though my primary phone is the Samsung Galaxy S, I still use the iPhone for reasons which I shared in my other article.

One screen too many?

When the iPhone is connected to a personal hotspot, the status bar turns blue constantly. A rather interesting sight, for I never knew it is possible to see the iOS status bar in colours other than black.

Bluetooth tethering is a more secure method of pairing devices and offers more consistent connectivity. Wi-fi tethering is more commonly supported. iPhone 3GS has at least one, so that's good for me. Bluetooth tethering is also available on the even older iPhone 3G under "Internet Tethering". For more info, visit the Apple Support link here.

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