Hong Kong, Hong Kong (version 2010)

I'm off to the airport in less than 4 hours and I'm still blogging here! Just wanna drop a quick note that I'll be spending my days in Hong Kong from 12 to 16 Nov. It's rather coincidental that 2 of my colleagues are also going there around the same period. We'll see if we bump into each other on Hong Kong streets. Zoe Raymond is also there for a blog-sponsored trip.

And like the trip last year, I plan to utilise the social media to update my trip via Facebook or Twitter or Foursquare or all of the above, depending on whether I have time and whether I can get the prepaid SIM to work with my E72 without any hiccups. Last year, I bought China Mobile which is very cheap, but the data runs on the old EDGE network which is very slow. This time, I am going to try to get one2free by CSL. Its 7-day unlimited mobile data package costs HK$178 and free IDD calls to Singapore (just pay local airtime of HK$0.25).

So if you are kaypo and want to know my every move in Hong Kong, check for my updates on the following sites:

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/chestertan
Twitter/Twitpic: http://twitter.com/musicdiary/

Or you can read what I did last year:
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