The Samsung i-Function: How It Helps Beginners to be More Creative

In my earlier post on the NX100 first look review, I briefly mentioned that the Samsung i-Function does not provide added efficiency for me, as all the settings offered by the i-Function can already be accessed easily from the NX100 itself.

That was from an advanced user's perspective. Actually, the i-Function does benefit budding photographers and offers creative assistance in image control.

In almost every digital camera targeted at beginners, there are always some form of assisted shooting modes to help users in capturing images without worrying about the controls. Samsung already has the Smart Auto and SCENE modes in their existing camera models. With NX100, Samsung introduced this new feature called i-Function (symbolised by iFn) that allows advanced beginners more control in capturing images.

The concept behind iFn is about offering a higher level of image control instead of just using the usual "idiot-proof" modes, yet not to the extent of a full-manual expert control. Samsung implements this by centering the shooting experience around the lenses, one of the critical elements in creative photography. With iFn lenses, the user can make the most elemental shooting adjustments by pressing the iFn button on the lens.

Although all the settings via the iFn can be adjusted on the NX100 body, the user using the iFn will not have to remember what settings are important to make an image and to look for the buttons on the NX100 to make the necessary changes. Neither would the settings parameters obstruct the display from the scene that the user is shooting. Using iFn, and depending on the shooting modes, the user can adjust the aperture, shutter speed, exposure compensation, ISO speed, and white balance. The settings parameters will appear at the bottom part of the screen, unobtrusive from what you are shooting. As the parameters are modified, the screen updates instantly to show the result of the change.

So, does the iFn provides skilled photographers like me with any real gain in shooting? No it doesn't, as I still find it quicker to make exposure changes via the NX100 body (that's just my preference). But I am elated to recommend this feature to the learning shooters. In fact, the iFn will encourage users to move on from the "idiot-proof" modes to be more adventurous in controlling the images and experimenting with photography.

With the new iFn feature, Samsung is giving empowerment to the NX100 user. The result of their slogan "Why Capture? Create!" is materialised with NX100, the latest hybrid mirrorless still camera that is equally usable to the beginners, the advanced shooters, and now the learning but adventuring image creators.

To find out more on the NX100 and try out with the i-Function simulator, visit the the NX100 microsite

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