Bedridden for a Week

Last Saturday was my Grandpa's 7th death anniversary. We brought a Reverend to do some rituals. Many people came back, including my 15-month niece, Xiyuan. Here are some of their intimate moments.

In the same evening, I attended Zoe's 21st birthday party with Melody.

The next day, I started to get throat irritation and runny nose, and by afternoon, I felt I needed to rest and took some painkillers. Alas, the virus has begun their assault.

Monday, I tweeted:
I'm very sick since ytd. The usual throat-nose-bodyache symptons. Last nite was terrible, just waiting for dawn so i can see doc. #fb

This time round the first sympton was headache on sat, which was unusual cus i usually have sore throat first.

That's why i didn't think much abt the headache, thot i was tired or something. Then sun morning the usual symptons started appearing liao.

Tried self medication since this is kindda "normal" symptons. But last nite was excruciating! Tried to sleep thru e nite so i cld see doc. - Is this how i looked like when i'm bedridden?

My fever went up, so now going for second opinion.

Doc says, suck it up! Ok basically it's respiratory infection and as long as conscious level is up, it's ok.

Could incense have triggered such infection? Perhaps it's my grandpa's way of telling me to take a break.

Fever taking me on a roller coaster ride. Still bedridden. I've never felt so ill in my life. 2 days sleeping non-stop.

Looking forward to my next medication so that i will feel better. Meds work, but seemingly only for a few hours.

Why can't they make meds that consume every 3hrs? Can't wait for mealtime so that i can wallop the pills.

Clinic for 3rd opinion. Throat got worse thou fever subsided (@ Mount Alvernia Hospital)

Doc diagnosed tonsilitis, gave me 3day MC. Never been ill for a whole week in my entire life. #fb

Doc gave me a jab, hopefully that would speed up the recovery. Fever went back up, i'm back on bed now.

For the first time in 3 days, I am FEELING hungry. #fb

After sleeping non-stop like an invalid for 4 days, it feels good to be useful again. #fb

I seriously never slept so much in my entire life before, nor was I ever bedridden or on MC for such a long period. No joke! My fever just didn't go down, and my throat even got worse. Sometimes, you just need to seek professional medications and not those neighbourhood clinics. In all fairness, they wouldn't dare to give strong medications anyway. The antibiotic given by Mt. Alvernia Hospital Clinic costs $10 a pill and to be taken once every day. After I popped one, I can slowly feel the healing on my throat. After the second day of medication, my throat is no longer sore.

But I guess I should be thankful for giving an opportunity to take a REAL break from life. I just slept and slept and slept, and I am amazed how one can sleep so much.

My fever's gone, but the World Cup fever's just started! #fb

To all the soccer fans, take care and rest well.

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