Rarely do I bother to blog about online shopping - check my archives. But I think jipaban.com is going to revolutionalise the way we shop online.

The concept of jipaban is an online shopping portal integrated with social networking. As a shopper, you get to customise your "virtual mall" by arranging your favourite shops in whichever way you like. Your shopping information or favourite shops may be available to your jipaban friends and you can share your wish list and interact with them via the social networking tools like Twitter or Facebook. So you get to enjoy the fun of shopping with your friends at the comfort of your home.

As a retailer, jipaban offers the infrastructure to sell your merchandise, complete with shop template, inventory management, sales and profit tracking, and advertising. By joining jipaban, you will no longer have to worry about spending more money on website designer or on inventory system, or even on advertising.

As an advertiser, jipaban is an attractive proposition because of the huge site traffic.

Jipaban is co-founded by Nuffnang co-founder Ming, so expect no less than the phenomenal success of Nuffnang. I'd say that jipaban is going to be the Orchard Road of cyberspace.

Sorry if this post sounded like an advertorial. Seriously, I wasn't paid or coerced to write this. Like I always say, if something is so good, I would require no big effort to write an article about it, because the benefits speak for themselves.

Check it out.

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