The BEST Credit Card

I was on the hunt for a new System 3 aircon for the past 2 weeks. My current 9-year-old Sanyo aircon broke down: one of the compressor serving 2 units no longer churn out cold air. Fortunately, the unit in Mayenne's room is still blowing coolness. Originally, we thought of surviving on the half-broken compressor till we shift out of the house then buy a new one before tenanting our flat out. But my wifey came to her senses that she should change it asap in order to enjoy the new aircon rather than offering the virgin blow to our future unknown tenants.

So last week she wandered around checking out the prices. She found a good deal at Best Denki for a Sanyo System 3 (non-inverter) for S$1899. The salesman convinced her to sign up for the BEST-OCBC Platinum Mastercard to enjoy even more savings. While discussing back home, we found that birthday month enjoys dollar discounts equivalent to your age. So I signed up too. And since we both are existing OCBC card holders, approval was swift and we got our cards within a week.

Today, we went down to Vivocity and placed our order. Here's a breakdown of what we spent and saved.

1. Sanyo System 3: $1899
2. 5-year extended warranty at 7% of purchase price: $132.90
3. Discount 8% for BEST-OCBC: $151.92
4. Discount for Birthday month with BEST-OCBC: $34 (for 34 years old)
5. Rebate for car park with BEST-OCBC: $5
6. BEST Vouchers $10 for every $500: $30 worth
7. BEST Gold points: $18.41 worth (1841 points)
8. 24 months 0% instalment with first month free: $76
9. Cost of dismantling old aircon: $150
10. 140+ worth of lucky draw coupons for a chance to win the BMW 318i

Original cost: $2181.90 (aircon + extended warranty + dismantling cost)
Real cost: $1866.57 (BEST-OCBC benefits + in-store offers)
Savings: $315.33

We grabbed almost every single eligible benefits for the BEST-OCBC card that it felt almost embarrassing to get so much out of a single purchase.

If you, like me, is going to spend a lot on electrical items, sign up for the BEST-OCBC card. 2-year fee waiver plus some other whatever 2.5% and 8% rebates thingie that's somewhat unsubstantial (unless you spend $10,000 above). But BEST-OCBC privileges like free delivery, car park rebates, free instalments) are very real and tangible cost savings. Go to OCBC website, do your math, and decide whether the savings work for you.