Internet Explorer Vulnerable to Hacks

Just read from my daily newsletter subscription that IE is now vulnerable to a flaw that has already infected 2 million computers. The problem is: unlike other vulnerabilities where you need to click something or download anything, this flaw simply infects users when they open a Web page. The worse part is: Microsoft has not provided a patch.

Read actual article here:

The best option now is to STOP using IE and switch to other browsers like Firefox or Google Chrome until Microsoft announces a patch. I have stopped using IE for a long time except when accessing my workplace intranet and some sites where my other browsers are not supported.

Remember: no web site is safe. Even the site owner might be unaware because someone could have hacked into his site and inserted the code. If you are a regular web-surfer, the next line of defense is your anti-virus internet security application in your PC. If you don't have one, go buy one. It's only less than S$90, lets you install 3 PCs, and you get patch updates every other day.

In this age of social networking on the Internet, protecting your PC also means protecting your peers' PC.

18 Dec update: Microsoft has issued an out-of-cycle patch. What it means is that instead of waiting for the regular patch cycle, MS released an ad-hoc patch. If you run Windows Update, the patch should be updated. So for IE users, you can resume using IE in peace - and then, maybe not.

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