Hardware Shopping

Tech-savvy readers to this post would call me crazy, but I just went to Sim Lim Square today lunch to grab some stuffs for my PC: a Western Digital 750GB SATA2 Harddisk and the Vantec NexStar Hard Drive Dock.

Why not wait for next week's PC Show from 12 June? Because I believe the price will not drop much. Granted, it'll be up to $10 cheaper, but the price difference is negligible compared to the benefits I get if I purchase now and housekeep my PC.

You see, I have done so many photo projects for the last 3 weeks that I have accumulated almost 100GB of new data. And I can't archive it because they are still open projects requiring me to work on. I current run on 2x250GB harddisk, and I intend to replace one of the 250GB with this new 750GB. The removed 250GB shall be my backup HDD that sits on the external HDD casing.

Speaking of the HDD casing, it's not just the normal external casing. It's actually a plug-and-play HDD dock like the MP3 player. It supports both 2.5" and 3.5" size HDD, plus support USB and eSATA interface. The latter allows you to access the external HDD at the same speed as if the drive is inside the PC, unlike USB. Therefore, the performance will be on par. This is beneficial for speed-intensive applications, allowing you to read this external HDD as if it's inside the PC, yet you don't have to install the HDD inside the PC.

This is the HDD dock that I bought.

Within 15 minutes, I got everything hooked up and now I'm transferring files from the old drive to the new one.

Next week at the PC Show, I'll be hoping to get a new CF card for my DSLR. With so many projects, I must make sure I have enough memory cards on assignment. I am also contemplating upgrading my LCD monitor. Computer peripherals are so cheap now that it's close to worthless. 1000GB HDD costs less than $300 (same price as 300GB 2 years ago), 19" LCD monitor below $300 (that's the price of a 15" 2 years back), a normal 16GB CF card is less than $100 (for that price, you get only 1GB 2 years ago).