Photo Story: Madeleine - Sun Day

Madeleine - Bikini-000 cover w
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After 670 photos and 100 shortlists, I've completed the photo story for Madeleine.

It took me a while to get this photo book layout done because of some other ongoing assignments. But I'm glad I finished it so that I can move on to other assignments.

This is my first photo story that is done with just one outfit. Fortunately, it's not quite a bore because Madeleine is a stunner.

I've always wanted to use the title 'Sun Day' to refer to a day of great sun and a day of relax (as opposed to the calendar Sunday).

Madeleine is quite a personality herself, with a small following of fans. I suggested that she should sell photo books for some income but she said she wants to wait till she's more popular.

Would you buy this photobook if it is on sale?

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