I Believe... in I Believe

In 2004, my music manager got me to produce an album by re-arranging a list of Mandarin pop songs in New Age style. I did 16 tracks and submitted to the record label. It seems that the album was ready to be released, but months went by and still no news. The label continued giving reasons for delay, but I figured that the album would never materialise.

I personally loved the transformation I did for the Mandarin songs. I tried to apply the same style to some of the tracks in my upcoming piano album featuring English soft-rock songs (I do hope this time the album will come to fruition - I was told it will be released this month).

I have this belief, that if a track is not being used by any record labels after a period of time (for this case, more than 36 months), it probably means it is not worthy to be commercially exploited. So I might as well share the work publicly.

So here's one of the tracks, I Believe, originally a Japanese song that has been re-sung in Mandarin (by Van Fan Yi Chen), in Korean, in numerous instrumental pop versions. Here is my version in New Age.

I actually performed this song in public in late 2004, as part of a publicity for this (stillborn) album. So perhaps many you might find it familiar.

To listen, look for the track in the IMEEM music playlist on the top right of this blog.

If you like what you hear and want to use this track for commercial purposes, please contact me.

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