My Life Stood Still

... for Princess Mayenne.

She got cranky again. Now she cannot sleep unless being carried. And even after we put her on the bed, she would get upset. Even the feeds are hit-and-miss: she would cry for milk but when we gave her, she would refuse, not because she isn't hungry, but she was unwell. After another attempt, she would take it hurriedly.

Mum and Dad came over and spent the entire Sunday afternoon with Mayenne. Mum probably spent the longest time with Mayenne in a row, and it's good of her to see how Mayenne really behaves (and whether she can keep up with the stamina of babysitting).

Here are some happy images of her, a false impression that she's a happy easy baby to care. Despite, we are just glad that things are still within our control. The irony is that as much as we want her to start talking quickly, we would definitely miss the times when she's always in our arms. For when she learns to talk and walk and run, the next stage of childcare will take place.

We love you, Mayenne.

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