Check this baby girl who tries to imitate some antics of someone (I wonder who).

After weeks of restraining, we finally decided to give Mayenne the pacifier. She has been trying to put her still-mittened hand in her mouth, which we thought was a sign of hunger. And as usual, it was hard to put her to sleep as she moved her limbs for attention.

Immediately - and I wasn't exaggerating - after we inserted the pacifier in her mouth, she stopped moving, froze, the only thing that moves is her mouth suckling the pacifier. It was like the miracle pill.

So now we have a dilemma. Should we carry her and pat her to sleep, or should we give her the pacifier? It's the lesser of 2 evils: either she becomes dependent on being carried or dependent on a pacifier. I felt a pacifier is better because it is a self-comforting mechanism that makes her self-reliant, whereas wanting to be carried makes her dependent on another person for comfort.

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