It's not the money. It's the storage

I have a dilemma. Sometimes I really want to buy stuffs that I find while shopping. The only problem is to find place to store them.

That's why I seldom buy CDs, not because I don't like to listen to them, but where can I store them? Being a musician, I have probably less than 200 pieces of CD. I've seen people's homes filled with walls of CDs and I envy them. I don't like to purchase MP3 downloads, because they are not tangible. I am a sucker for printed materials, I like to buy music that comes with nice design and packaging.

I also like to buy concert and movie DVDs, but again I was compelled to control my purchases not because I cannot afford them, but I cannot afford the space.

Basically, I don't have much storage space in my room which means I should not be buying any thing non-perishable.


But looking at the bright side, it helps me to control my spending.

I also have a lot of laptop bags. Funny how you get things that you don't need, and then when you really need something, it's not there. I have 3 laptop bags at home, and when I asked around no one seemed to want one, even for free. One of them is this Benetton laptop bag I got several years back.

Fits a 15" laptop.

Even the plastic on the labels are not removed.

FRIENDS! If you need/want/desire this, call or email me! You can have it for a meal or a drink when we meet up.

Photos taken with Fuji F31fd at ISO 1600 without flash. Fantastic camera, isn't it?