Exciting Boredom

I had a very exciting weekend. Last Friday, I met Yuna (as you may probably have read in my previous post). Saturday I did a photo shoot with a dancer-teacher whom I have tried to arrange for the longest time. Sunday I had 2 sets of photo shoot, one with a part-time model who I call a friend - a friend whom we share secrets and thoughts to each other (not 'acquaintance', not 'contact': again read my previous post to find out my definition for 'friend'); another shoot with her sister's adorable kids. Then in the evening I celebrated early Mother's Day with mother-in-law at Wan Hao Restaurant at The Marriot Hotel. Fantastic and unique dishes that filled our taste buds with pleasure.

Today I applied leave to take advantage of the long weekend as tomorrow is May Day. Unlike the past where annual leave is taken with a great purpose, I now took leave to simply to waste away. I feel so like lying around doing nothing. My whole life seems to be waiting on the arrival of my new baby, although it's still a good 4 weeks to go.

As I laid on the couch in the humid afternoon with the fan in full blast, I listened to this lifeless and quiet moment... and I appreciate.

One month later, I will no longer have the luxury to sit in front of the PC to do all I wanted to do - music, photography, MSN, blogging, surfing. And instead of doing all these while I can, I thought maybe I should get used to NOT going to the PC all the time. I should give my mind a break from doing anything for that matter. I should learn to have no objective in life, because very soon, my sole objective will be right in front of me, crying and wailing and moving and kicking and smiling and sleeping and puking and pooing.

She will be a beautiful objective.