Woke up early because I am taking photos for my old friend's wedding. Known her for 16 years since secondary school.

Supposed to be at her place by 6am but after I woke up I read her SMS sent at 1.20am telling me that the make-up artist is coming only at 6.45am. Either the MUA needs only 30 mins to do make-up or that the entire schedule is being brought back, because according to the schedule, the groom is supposed to reach at 7.20am.

So right now I am kindda stoned. Half an hour feels like a long time to stay awake but it's just a blink of an eye when asleep, so I decided to keep myself awake and write this blog.

By the way, if you are thinking of buying a computer keyboard, I recommend against getting the cheap Logitech 'Classic' keyboard. The keys does not feel light when typing, perhaps due to the padding which makes the key 'quiet', so I need a little more effort on my fingers. Probably made little difference since it's a good exercise for my fingers who are used to working out on the piano - also known as a keyboard. I also realised how ergonomically-challenged the old straight computer keyboard layout is. I think it's worth investing on a good input device if you were to spend so much time in front of the computer.

Saw a dozen people online on MSN, but I reckon none of them is awake because I know most of these people have a decent day life, so they couldn't have stayed up so late (or woke up so early for that matter).

Time check: 5.30am. Time flies when you are occupied. With Internet, it's really not too hard to keep yourself occupied.