Return of the AMD

I walked into the shop benting on getting the Intel Core 2 Duo. I walked out of the shop with the AMD 64 X2.

I must say that I received some great service from the shop veteran. I told him about the faulty AGP card I bought and asked for an upgrade. He recommended me this all-in-one Abit mainboard, NF-M2 nView that has everything in one package. He proceeded to offer the AMD 64 X2 3800+ Dual Core processor, 2x1GB DDR2-533MHz RAM, a Maxtor 250GB SATA2 harddisk, HEC 450W PSU, a neat casing. I told him I used to use AMD processors but found it to be unstable, so I switched to Intel for my current processor. He told me to trust him on this one. Best thing is: he got it all the peripherals installed in 20 minutes while I had my lunch!

I was pretty apprehensive about my decision, and have been searching on the Internet for information regarding the AMD chip and the Abit board. So far I am quite satisfied with the price-performance ratio. I mean: there is no end to technology. It's finding the balance between price and performance. So in this respect, the current configuration is quite value-for-money. The reason for my willingness to take this risk is that I still got my existing PC as a backup, unlike previous upgrades where I would sell off the old PC. Things have changed as well: I am doing some serious freelance work and I cannot afford any downtime, after the scary experience yesterday.

Rather than boring you guys on the technical details, I'll share my views on the usage and all the stuffs on my Portal. Watch for it!