DDD - Dual Display Decision

DDD, a familiar term used on digital audio-visual products (e.g. compact discs) in the 1980s, implies that digital tape recorder is used during initial recording, mixing/editing and for mastering. Anyway, this term is no longer used. For more read, click here.

But here, DDD holds another meaning. I've been toying the idea of getting 2 LCD monitors side-by-side for dual display for many months, but I have a few problems.

1) I have no space to put another 19" monitor on my table.
2) It's impossible to find back the same monitor model that I had now, and to buy another model would look odd.
3) I could replace my existing monitor with 2x17" but it's a hassle to buy and sell, and besides I am effectively 'downgrading' to a smaller screen size. No good.

Today after work I went to Sim Lim, and lo and behold! I saw a model with very similar design mould. I quickly went home and surfed the Internet to check the specs. As it turned out, the height is merely 24mm difference (width and depth is immaterial). The time is right.

Next is to make way for the new monitor. I reckon if I shift the right speaker to the other table, I could make space for the new monitor... done.

And as part of the upgrade, I also have to buy a new AGP graphics card to replace mine of over 3 years so that it supports dual display outputs. Haha I'm not a gamer, so never change my card when I upgraded my mobo. Ironically, I have to buy back an out-dated PCI factor graphics card, when now everyone is already moving on to PCI-Express. I can't help it, coz there's simply nothing wrong with my PC - touchwood!

Sad to say, my shoe-box backup PC died on me today. Apparently, while I was trying to uninstall Norton Internet Security, there were some strange errors. As I attempted to abort the uninstall, I hit application error, and the machine went into limbo. I was forced to press the 'reset' button and from there, my OS was unable to boot up.

I have already forgotten how it felt like to hit system problems. Now as I face this latest issue, my heart felt nonchalant. I guess I will just reinstall the whole thing. Hmmm, perhaps I could install Vista and try it out, eh?