After 6 days of blogging, I received responses from viewers, thanks to the power of MSN Live Messenger, where I announced my blog URL over my nickname.

The first responses are that the music composition sounded 'funny' at the middle section of the track. Yes it is 'funny' because I played a wrong note! But I didn't fix the note coz I'm lazy, and because it's just an improvisational draft, so I like to keep it raw.

Did I mention that this blog is created using Blogger Beta by Google? If you haven't converted, you should! It allows you to tag 'labels' (a familiar term for Google), or for some CMS apps out there like Wordpress, you call it 'categories'.

(newly inserted content on 8 Nov 2006 11.50am)
And if you use their free templates, you can move layouts via GUI - drag and drop! No more HTML or CSS coding. It benefits me coz - you've guessed it right, I'm lazy! My principle is that you should not take the joy out of the things you do just because of some technical constraints. So if I blog, I wanna blog easily, post pictures easily, manage my layout easily. When I take photos, I wanna edit my photos quickly to produce the desired effect. Just recall the 80-20 rule and apply to everything around you: you spend 80% of the time fixing the 20% of the stuffs. I'd rather spend 20% of the time finishing 80% of the stuffs and leave the 20% for gradual improvements. Apply it to my new composition: I wrong note, 20% of the song. Fix it: 80% more time required (yes, exaggeration, but you get the point). So decision: don't fix it.
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Back to praising Google, I am using Google Analytics for traffic tracking. I think Google is doing a darn good job in providing so much free services on the World Wide Web. I recently tried out their Google Docs & Spreadsheets, which allows you to create Word and Excel documents online and even share documents to fellow 'Googlliances' (I was thinking of using 'Googlians' but the former sounds more friendly - a combination of Google and Alliances).

Today bought the shower head and holder coz my existing shower holder of 6 years is cracked. Though the shower head is shiok, the holder-pole doesn't seem to be secure. I'll have to decide whether to glue it permanently or wait for the pole to accidentally drop off...