November is a good date to start a blog. Here's a summary of my life (and society) for the past 30 years.

I was born, then educated, then got my first job, and still am on my first job. I am married. Life is short, and so is this paragraph.

I learnt piano from 5 years old, and learnt violin at 10 years. I composed my first song (a musical number) for public performance in 1995. I bought my first electronic keyboard in 1996. I still own my first acoustic upright piano since 1981.

I released my first commercial album, Timeless, but on a limited distribution, in Nov 2004. I released my second commercial album, Piano Spa, in May 2005, through Music Street, and was distributed islandwide and Malaysia, then Japan, then Korea. I released my third album, Piano Spa 2, in Jul 2006, through Warner Music, and was top-selling New Age album in HMV for many weeks. I wrote a musical with Stella Kon called 'Victorian Days' and was performed on the Esplanade Recital Studio in Jun 2006. I was interviewed for The New Paper article in Sep 2006.

I made use of my piano accompaniment skills to play (and get paid) for classical ballet classes for over 12 years. Good money (contact me if you are interested - we need pianists!).

Many people like the music I composed, and that made my life worth living.

I took an interest in photography from 8 years old, then an uncle gave me an antique SLR camera at 17, then I bought my own SLR camera at 19, then I gave up SLR photography altogether at 24, then I bought my first digital compact camera (Sony) at 26, then I bought my first digital SLR camera at 29.

I started wedding photography 18 months back and I have on average 1 shoot a month. I also do portraits, events, products, some for free, some I get paid.

Many people like the images I took, and that is my best reward for capturing life.

I had my first experience on a computer when I was 9 years old, on a Commodore 64. My family bought a IBM-based 80386-SX PC when I was 13. I wrote BASICA programming language for a few years. I assembled my own PC when I was 20. I created my first webpage in 1995. I burned my first CD-R in 1996. I bought my first web domain in 2003. I have yet to buy an Apple Computer.

My dad bought me my first Walkman (Sony) when I was 10 years old. I got myself my own Walkman (AIWA) when I was 15. I bought my first compact disc (Enya Watermark) at 14. I bought my first Discman at the age of 18. I bought my first MP3 player/recorder in 2004.

My dad signed up a pager for me in the 1991. He bought me my first mobile phone (GSM1800) and subscribed a mobile line in 1996. I bought my first mobile phone (Motorola StarTAC) in 1998.

Looking back, I am glad that I have the chance to experience music, photography and technology. That's why I created a web portal dedicated to these 3 areas of interests. http://portal.chester.sg/ . I also have separate web sites for music, photography. Here, instead of articulating about those stuff in a formal manner, I hope to let my hair down and share some personal thoughts about my music, my photos, and my life.

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